Holographic Daniels is a collection of 3d daniels heads that you can mint as NFTs. Each Nft minted enables users for the massive token airdrop and also an opprtunity contribute to its liquidity pool.

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HOLOGRAPHIC DANIELS is a collection of 888 HOLO DANIELS-unique digital collectibles with over 3000+ utilities living on the CORE Blockchain. HOLOGRAPHIC DANIEL doubles as your CORE HEREOS MEMBERSHIP TOKEN, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to a major token airdrop. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.


Each HOLOGRAPHIC DANIEL is unique. Find the rarest ones among 888 possible combinations.

  • Holoinfinte
    66% – Common
  • X66dsowggz3ly1jecxoz
    20% – Rare
  • Exkl1sac9vtadbzdmzkn
    5% – Epic
  • Frryzgc7wav6xhcnzqv5
    1% – Legendary


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    888 Holographic Daniels

    Each holographic daniel is unique and programmatically generated with the combination of over 3552 possible traits. All hologdaniel are dope, but some are rarer than others.
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    Community wallet

    We will create a shared wallet to fund the best community projects.
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    Truly yours

    You can do everything you want with your holographic daniel, Even use them to stake and earn
  • Utilities

    With over 3000+ utilities to make your holographic daniel special to you alone


  • 1

    Holographic Daniel Minting Stage-10%

    Exclusive Holographic Daniel would be ready to be minted and and early surprise would be given to its first 222 holders

  • 2

    Exclusive club-35%

    All holders will be invited to the exclusive club, where they will be able to hang out.

  • 3


    Bring your Holographic Daniels to the metaverse! Stay tuned for more metaverse updates. The Holographic Daniel's are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Core blockchain. Purchasing a Holographic Daniel costs 8.88 Core

  • 4

    Play To Earn Game-75%

    After the roadmap activation the Holographic Daniel team would release the first ever play to earn game on the CORE mainnet and its in-game currency would be airdropped to NFT holders.

  • 5

    STAKE TO EARN-100%

    Bringing the first stake to earn nft project to the CORE ecosystem. This part of the roadmap when the total minted supply of the Holographic Daniel nft reaches 777.This part of the roadmap is set up to give back to Holographic holders.



You ask – we tell.


Runs on Unicorn Platform